Huawei SOF Pangea

Part of the winning team of my country on developing a social project and pitching to stakeholders 

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Panama Huawei's offices

Seeds for the Future is a Huawei program that seeks to introduce undergraduate students (mainly) to new perspectives on topics in which Huawei as a company is investing, developing, and innovating. We are talking about artificial intelligence, 5G, and cloud computing.

Work and accomplishments

  • Being chosen between more than 500 applications with filters like projects developed in the past, academic performance, experience on social activities, research, etc.
  • Went to the application process which included a 2-page long CV, 3-page long motivational letter, a 4-minute long video, and a 10-minute long interview. Everything in a foreign language (English).
  • Accomplished more than 25 courses in Huawei Seeds of the Future's platform in less than 2 weeks in topics that include Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, 5G with more than 90% of success in every course test.
  • Got 40 hours of training from Huawei staff in a foreign language while getting involved with students from Latin American Countries like Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica.
  • Being part of a team of 10 people of different backgrounds on developing a complete proposal of a social project in a week.
  • Developed 3 screens of the app's prototype in Figma which helped for the 25% of the project pitch, since this was the percentage of the prototype to present.
  • Researched and got data from more than 5 websites that contributed to the pitch presentation slides.


I wrote a complete article about my experience, you can find it here, or click the button

Huawei Seeds of The Future draw
I draw this picture with the Huawei tablet that they gift me for being a participant

In the article, you can find the topics that the program covered, software recommendations, and my approach to the project.

My article received great feedback and serve as a guide for other people entering the program.


My university gives me some recognition in a ceremony that recognizes students in different disciplines.

I got recognized in the academic category for being part of the winning team in the contest.

Ayudinga SEVA

Serving 100k students in Latin America


Ayudinga defines itself as

"Non-profit Educational NGO dedicated to the creation of educational academic content for social networks and digital platforms"

I joined back in January 2021 as part of the first wave of recruitment for the technology team as a frontend tech lead.

I began working at the SEVA. A full-featured e-learning platform that targets students from Latin America.

To this day (Mar 5, 2022) I continue in my role in Ayudinga.

Work and accomplishments

  • Being part of the first wave of engineers to develop an e-learning platform in a non-profit with more than 10 years and targeting more than 100k students in Latin America.
  • Working in a fully remote environment since the first day.
  • Implemented the backbones of the design system which has 30+ components and contributed to 45% of them.
  • Working in an agile environment with scrum methodology

ICCR 6th Gen Next

Political, historical and cultural view of India in 10 days

I became part of the Panama delegation to attend the 6th Gen Next organized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

It was a SUPER experience, with delegations from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Senegal, and Germany I got the opportunity to meet political leaders, entrepreneurs, and high-profile figures of India and the other delegations.

Quick video of the 6th Gen Next

In my blog, I will be working on articles and sharing my experience through other media.

Work and accomplishments

  • Being part of the Panama delegation (5 people in total), representing my country in international affairs.
  • Learned about historical, cultural, and political affairs of India, through visits to the Taj Mahal, Golden Temple, and Parlament of India.
  • Participated in more than 20 visits/events/sessions across 10 days.


Developing projects in short time with small teams to accomplish big results



Hackathons are a fun way to implement good ideas and compete with other people for fun and prizes.

As you may know, hackathons require a good set of different skills such as coding, project management, marketing, design, and pitch techniques.

Work and accomplishments

  • Being a contestant in 3 hackathons creating projects in a fast paced environment.
  • Developing projects in topics like education, logistics and aviation.
  • Got to mid finals in one of those.
  • Worked with small teams to accomplish results
  • Pitch ideas to stakeholders

Software Engineering

Heavy coding projects with a good set of requirements

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