Building a new blog 📰

Building a new blog 📰
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That is true, I like it here on my personal webpage but I think it would be better if I had a blog for myself. When I could talk about data and some technical tasks.

This blog will use some video platforms and serve as technical articles for me.

I always like the idea of working for a technology business, and this could be presented a new opportunity for me.

One of my dreams is to build a software company that can deliver a lot of products for people.

In this blog, I will explain my first ideas on that.

Building the blog. ghost or WordPress

I am not planning on reinventing the wheel, a CMS would be necessary.

I like the way ghost works, but I am not planning on monetizing the blog by using subscriptions, or maybe not now.

Wordpress is more complete and also has more time in the industry, but right now I think I do not need something that complex.

The first step for a company

I want to build a company that makes a lot of products, not just one.

But the idea for it is to make it a lot and see what it sticks.

Making a blog could be one of this ideas, and I want to make it real.

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