Fernando Cutire

Fernando Cutire

Software Engineer Finishing my degree. Becoming a better friend

En busca de oportunidades fintech en Panamá

Hay mucho que decir sobre oportunidades en América Latina pero hasta el momento no he logrado meterme en el mundo de las startups. Sí , entiendo que emprender es difícil sin importar lo que creas, el mercado dicta mucho de las condiciones.

Work Journal December 2022

Final work journal of the year folks, but not of my life. This kind of writing keeps me in check for making progress month to month (or I think so) it is not that easy to write, I must confess I am really lazy.


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Work Journal November 2022

The year is ending and must be launching new series this year. Creating content is hard but I got more resources, just do not give up and keep trying. My website has received good feedback and that inspired me to continue developing my work as a creator.