I am building a new site!! 💥🤯

I am building a new site!! 💥🤯
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The other day I was thinking about building a specific blog about data topics so this was the thing I supposed to do.

The answer is a blogging site 💥💡

The answer to that was pythondatacloud.com

Hahaha, you could say is really SEO thought, because the idea is to create content on data science, analytics, python, and cloud development.

My roles are going in that direction so it makes sense to work like that.

Improvements left for the site to function correctly 🔨

For now it would need improvements on

  • SEO
  • Put more articles on it.
  • Develop a personal design for the WordPress blog
  • Develop a new logo
  • Put tags like python, data analytics, data science, cloud, aws, etc.
  • Create a youtube channel and Instagram page for the blog.
  • Create some info product

Also, the project could serve as the beginning of my blogging journey. Blogging is a great idea and something I was thinking really seriously from time to time.

Final thoughts on the site 🔚

Building an email list, blog regularly, uploading videos regularly, designing, treat like a business will be some of a challenge.

But it will be worth it to improve my reputation as an engineer, not just as a side income. These kinds of topics are the ones I want to focus more on in the upcoming years, and also are in demand and the demand will increase with time.

Fernando Cutire

Fernando Cutire

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