Writting, communities and videos

Writting, communities and videos

I have found that one of my passions is videos.

That is like 70% of all my distractions, I really love staring at youtube videos for the content and for the mastery they show.

My currently favorite YouTubers are Noel Deyzel, Hampton of Hybrid Calisthenics, Charles Berthoud, and Dev as Life.

So I want to create videos like them, but also need to start knowing more about cameras, video creation and stuff.

Writting and Videos

I also love to write, and have blog something like that. I think one of those ideas would be to have a dedicated blog to my love fot artificial intelligence and data science.

I would need some fund, like selling ebooks or something like that.

To that became sustainable.


Competition is fierce today, and I think I would have 40 years to make money as a professional. So better to be using it as good as possible.

I know that competition is global, so I need to be not only the best of my country but in the region. And going places would be harder if I can´t continue learning.

They say you win competition by preparing and by authenticity.

So authenticity is my focus, just developing at the best.


It is ok that I don´t have money to buy a camera, neither an iPhone. Right now I will need to survive with what I have.

Fernando Cutire

Fernando Cutire

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