Escape or fight? What can Latin America offer you ?

Escape or fight? What can Latin America offer you ?
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Have you ever heard people saying that youtube is not a job?

Have you ever felt like you want to be your boss?

Ever asked yourself what is your passion

A lot of good things are going on in the world right now. Giving people the opportunity to chase their dreams.

And is true, more opportunities equal more people going on this, this means you will have more options to decide how to get to the point you want.

Is it a job?

I remember the past years I was all in to get out of my country in search of better opportunities for myself, get my family out of this country in favor of what is called a first-world country.

I will learn everything that is needed to achieve my goal, if I need to learn 3 hard languages I will do it, if I need 5 years of experience I will get it.

As you may see this is a way to go all-in on your goals, and maybe positive if you accomplish what you said.

The problem with all in is, are we passionate enough or don´t know what we want?

I have to say that being passionate enough is incredibly hard.

We have more bad days than good days, and suffering is guaranteed not an exception.

Is easy to fall into the trap to say that we know what are we doing. Imagine you go to the best school you can get to get your diploma and Bravo!

When people asaskou about it you answer, that was one of the best decisions I could possibly think of at the moment.

Because education is important, Right?

One of my favorite things about studying technology is the variety, this is a golden time for being in tech, and I love it.

It doesn´t mean tech is getting easier, tech is getting harder and we need more people than the market can train.

Specialists are rare, and imagine having 15 years of experience or being so good to ignore? some people are valued their price in gold.

The problem with passion and goals

It happened to me and keeps happening.

Your goals change, your ambition change, your passion change.

This doesn´t mean is bad, change is inevitable, but you need to respond to it.

When I was thinking about getting all in to go abroad I wasn´t considering all the hard things about living as a foreigner, visa problems, maybe I couldn´t find a job, etc.

Also, I wasn´t considering that the market for software engineers, designers, machine learning, data science jobs were expanding to my beautiful Latin America.

Minimizing the risk that I needed to take for getting abroad.

Remote jobs are more accessible for everyone across the region and online education is getting better too.

Can you imagine? We eliminate the need to study abroad to get the same knowledge you can get online.

This thinking that we have what we need right here is what keeps me thinking about this.

What if I develop to grow in Latin America instead of just escaping

Right now people have more opportunities than ever in the region.

After all the bad things, because they are a lot like corruption, resources, bad jobs, awful education, and infrastructure.

We are in a good position to grow. The region has good potential, good talent, and a lot of young people, also more unicorn startups make the region more interesting to investors.

I think we could do it if we try, not to escape but to solve problems instead.

Maybe my goals and passion change, and maybe I will fail tremendously to achieve this kind of impossible goal.

But maybe...


Fernando Cutire

Fernando Cutire

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