It was a good conference + some new challenges

It was a good conference + some new challenges
My conference about 1000$ as a engineer undegraduate student

A week ago I was part of a conference celebrating the 40 years of my university's faculty. This was an amazing experience.

Need to work on presentational skills also, but it is just trial and error at this point. Planning to do more about this.

They upload the video to the faculty´s instagram and I uploaded it to youtube. The audio is not the best, because I haven´t a mic but it was pretty cool and I feel happy about it.

I think I could research more on topics about data science, and cloud computing it will be cool.

I want to be part of more projects that look interesting such as JIC, making my thesis, looking more at building communities, being more active in social media, working on being a freelancer, and hopefully a business owner.

JIC: Jornada de Iniciación Científica

Some of those would be on the JIC, one of those projects. On the site, they say this.

La Jornada de Iniciación Científica (JIC) es una iniciativa de la Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá que desea fomentar la investigación entre los jóvenes de pre-grado a nivel nacional, basada en las experiencias obtenidas por el Doctor Alexis Tejedor con el “Salón de Iniciación Científica” en el Centro Regional de Veraguas de la Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá. Esta actividad se comenzó a realizar en el 2002, despertando el interés por la investigación.

Right now I am looking at the dates for sending work, I have seen they only accept until June 12, so better start working right now.

I don´t have a project in mind but could be interesting to make something related to robotics. The other day I was talking with a friend about it, and he told me about ROS (Robotic Operating System).

This is a concept I have never seen before but looks amazing. It is like a framework to interact with robots.

I will read more about it soon. Maybe create an article, it would be cool.


There are many ideas for making a thesis.

To this day I have learned:

  • Depending on the thesis topic, the advisor could change. Some advisors only check for specific topics that are part of their interests.
  • Making a thesis could take a lot of time, so planning ahead would be valuable.
  • It is important to define the limits of your work because it could take forever.
  • You can choose between a practical approach or just a theoric approach. In my case, I love to make things, so a practical approach is my choice.

I am working on it right now. Building a social system that takes a lot of work, but hopefully, I will make it work.

Part of Communities

It really is about people.

I like to be around, the typical extrovert right here.

So communities are there to share, collaborate, and contribute. Being part of a community is all about working as a group.

I don´t think of communities as families but as a group of individuals with similar interests that work together to be more than they could be as individuals.

Seems vague at first but it may sense when you do it repeatealy.


Being a professor seems interesting right now, I don´t know why but I have seen is a pretty stable career in my university right now. Especially on the technology side.

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