I am switching to marketing

I am switching to marketing
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The other day i was talking about some rest on my team, asking for a technical position in the data team.

But suddenly I was assigned a project in marketing team

I want to talk about my experience and some things I could let it go. What I am doing next, and what it means for my current technical knowledge.

Technology team

Being a frontend software engineer, involves learning in a fast paced way. The design system for the e-learning platform looks really nice.

I am curious around where it can go for me, I really love the way technology teams work. Specially I love 3 things about it.

  • Documentation: Having great documentation is really encouraging for new people enter a team. In my opinion documentation where they specifythe functions of each member of the team, are really valuable.  
  • Project Management: Having the right methodology to complete things is an incredible way to work. You know what to do given a particular case. It is really rewarding in the short and in the long run because it gives you structure in how to work.
  • Tools: I mean that having the right tools for the job at hand it could be one of the best productivity hacks you can do. Choosing your weapon is just as important as choosing your battle.

These are the 3 top things I love of working in technology teams.

With structure comes peace of mind, and with peace of mind comes innovation.

If the team can adapt to changes, you can move really fast.

But before thinking like that, you must master these 3. These 3 are the basics.

Not technology

What I said about the 3 tools above, I didn´t mean that it only applies to technology teams.

Because if you think about it, these applies to every team, wherever they work on designing, coding, sales or not.

These are the basics, so I approach it like that.

A new challenge

Learning new things is always better.

Marketing is that thing I don't have it all figure it out. Because of content or social media or publishing calendars or stuff.

There is a lot to explore on the subject and I hope to adapt as soon as possible.

The team is small but steady and makes a good environment to experiment things and develop new approaches to the subject.

So for me it would be just try and see.

Fernando Cutire

Fernando Cutire

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