I started to write on english, this is why

I started to write on english, this is why
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When I thought about this topic, I said to myself “Writting in English is hard, because it’s not my native language”

It’s hard, but is also an opportunity. I needed to start practicing my English. And guess what was the way?

I said, “Ok I will start to write in English because almost every content I consume online is in English and I have read and watch a lot”

But of course write is challenging.

So in this article I teach you what it’s working for me.

Writting is hard: Thinking in a different language

Of course, I could use the easy way who was to just use translate apps.

But this was enough ?

I have been using google translate with my Spanish based articles. And it worked weird.

It doesn´t have that consistency or as I want to called “soul”.

It seemed like just different words and doesn’t seem to be written by an human.

So another thing that happens to me, it was that to began writting in English.

And maybe I will sound better, you can judge by yourself.

Of course, my grammar is not the best, but anyways here I am. And I will continue to improve.

More writing equals better writing: Why consistency over time matters

Just focusing on writing. It´s that simple ?

Maybe not, but some of the benefits I could say are

  • Start thinking in English
  • Start creating content (in English ofc)
  • Having more articles makes you more confident. Like “I have written so many articles, I know I am good”

As you see, there are many benefits and progress overtime.

In general, it´s cool to learn a new language in this way.

Receiving and giving are both beautiful things to do.

And consuming media in a different language makes you faster to learn it.

Also It seems that you are giving your knowledge, expertise and somehow improving the way for us.

It´s that simple.

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