Maybe i don’t need to move to another country

Maybe i don’t need to move to another country

What if I didn´t need to travel to another country?

I could stay I love where I am, and I could afford an amazing lifestyle, create wealth, get married, raise a family and take care of my aging parents.

You know, the basic needs.

Am I asking so much?

Latin America: Loved and Challenging

Latin America is amazing, beautiful, and challenging.

Often I don´t like the weather, salary, healthcare, roads in my country

But then I put on the news and see the natural disasters that weather can make in some cities and I start to revaluate my way of thinking.

There are many benefits to living in Latin American countries, that all these years I haven´t seen. When I read about many ex-pats moving to Panama I just couldn´t see why.

What do they know that I didn´t? , well a lot of things.

First, we could talk living in Panama is cheaper than in the USA or other western countries.

The weather here is pretty much just sun and rain (humidity is high tho). I agree it could be boring but is better than having many natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes 6.0, tornados, etc.

Learning and understanding their point of view, expose me to a new perspective, maybe it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Young people and work: Will I get a house?

For young people like me, is important to get a good job. It can make life easier for me and my loved ones.

The thing is that salaries here aren’t increasing, and the cost of living is getting higher and it feels fast for young people.

Uncertainty is real, 1000$ is now just the minimum, more than half of that could go in rent.

Work is a real problem, and with many other things in the region, people can’t trust the government to solve it.

It will be harder for young people to get a house.

Also, because education is bad, we aren’t qualified enough for a job.

With the rise of remote working, things could get tough.

My country protects some jobs for Panamanians but doesn’t have many laws for companies hiring overseas freelancers for example.

Health: I can’t afford it

Health is another big issue.

When government doesn’t have good public health options, it will lead us to the private way.

And this may seem inoffensive at first, but with the high cost of living, I began to feel scared.

Also, parents are aging, we need to provide caregiving for them too.

I need to say this problem not only affects Latin America but the world in general, that's why China let their people have 3 children instead of 2 that was before.

In this topic, we are behind, and if we don’t search for solutions ourselves quality of life will decrease.

Enough: Public problems are a lot to cover in just one article

Young people born in Latin America will face many challenges.

But I feel relieve to say, that will can overcome it.

Of course, it will not be easy, but technology is making us more connected and

Job first: Why a job overseas will never be the same anymore

One way of thinking is to solve the work problem, which could be one of the most important for Latin Americans in their 20s.

This would require education obviously and grind.

To apply to international companies, to learn a new language (English, or maybe Mandarin). Educate ourself.

Working remotely can also make us better suited for the job because we will not be in need to move abroad to get a Good-paying job.

This correlates excellently to corporate and other entrepreneurs who can hire high-quality workers at the lowest salaries and not expending so much money in office spaces for example.

A 70,000 $ salary is really low for living in San Francisco, California. But for living in Buenos Aires, Argentina is a blessing.

Both parties could be happy.

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