My approach to work for the upcoming 5 years

My approach to work for the upcoming 5 years
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After some rounds of research and looking around on job websites, I am guessing about my work future.

The talent shortage is a real thing, and my degree can open many doors for multinational companies.

But I will just wait til I graduate to start applying and put my future in order ?

In this article, I will explain some insights I have found about working in the technology industry.

Is relevant to say I am talking from my perspective, as an engineering student.

Ok let’s go

We are not safe anymore: A job is not guaranteed for everyone

They say talent is in demand, and the demand is growing exponentially while the number of people just grows linearly.

I think that there is demand in the tech industry and for me is very clear.

While is not guaranteed is a job for everyone, I explain why.

Not everyone has the necessary skills, also the pay could be really low.

How do I address these problems? Here´s the thing.

Not enough hard skills are a problem that can be solved to continuous education.

The pay could be solved by working remotely for international companies because local companies could pay really low.

The safety net: 3 keys that make understand taxes

I am not a company but understanding taxes is important.

As a normal employee I could say, it could be handed by my employer.

But things are not as easy.

These are the 3 important things of taxes in my country

  1. My country has a territorial taxing system.
  2. You are only taxed on the income you make selling a product or service IN my country.
  3. If you are selling a product or service to people outside of the limits of my country, you will not owe any taxes in Panama.

It sounds cool, or to good to be true.

I will research more on this topic, research on lawyers websites or get consulting.

Specially if I create an online business

Which lead me to

On creating business: Why an online business is an excellent approach

In today´s world that is became shorter due to remote working.

It may seem to settle is an old way of thinking.

An online business as you may know from the previous words is that taxes doesn’t apply to products you sell abroad.

This makes an excellent approach to start selling online

Making a business seams reasonably, get my niche and capture a market.

We all know the hard that is to create a business, and competition is getting insane.

My approach is to freelance first through sites like upwork and fiverr.

Then start to hire freelancers, in that way I will have the skills to manage people.

Then I will start some common business like consulting.

This will lead me to digital content, e-commerce, and Sass.

These 3 are the big 3 right now to get continuos income.

Nothing is guaranteed: Being satisfied don’t matter the result

I am not a negative person

But things don’t work as you may want to.

Regardless of the result, is important to remain satisfied.

I mean ambition is good at a certain level.

Everyone wants to have the life of their dreams, but sometimes dreams are not as clear.

So stay healthy and work for what you want.

Fernando Cutire

Fernando Cutire

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