I am going to la India

If you ask me before what places will I go in the next 2 years, I would never said India, going there seems like so much fun but is also really far from Panama.


I am developing this website to showcase my conferences, thoughts, courses, projects and everything stuff in between.

Estudiando la ingeniería del Presente y el futuro

Estudiar por Estudiar Decidir por lo que dicen o hacen los demás. Guiarse solo por las salidas Elegir sin suficiente información Aunque no lo crean cuatro años es bastante tiempo y no valdrá la pena estudiar algo que no quieres, algo que no te gusta.

Building a new blog 📰

That is true, I like it here on my personal webpage but I think it would be better if I had a blog for myself. When I could talk about data and some technical tasks.

Managing projects

In one template that I bought I recieved this project managing template, and I think it looks cool.