My trip to India in less than 360 words

What makes India so unique? One could say their extensive history with different empires that arrived at their lands. Others their extensively diverse food, weather, and large population. The truth is there is no specific answer.

Work Journal October 2022

It is time to another work journal, this time for october. I have had many projects, and some talks in september, but october presents my first travel to Asia, and it was really exciting.

Detenerse para saber donde vas

Que hacer cuando ves a tu alrededor y todo te dice. No te pares, no te detengas, no te rindas, falta poco, continúa. Se nos exije estar siempre en apuro, con una oferta que se acaba en 6 horas o un abrigo que mañana desaparece del almacen.

I am in India

For the last 2 days, I was traveling to India from Panama. This type of opportunity that I will not miss it. Going 17 hours from Panama City to Delhi, was an experience

I am going to la India

If you ask me before what places will I go in the next 2 years, I would never said India, going there seems like so much fun but is also really far from Panama.