This is my current setup for developing and making things. You may have other workflows, tools, etc that you love, and that's fine.

In 2022 I made a hell lot of progress, so this 2023 it would be just some tweaks to make things better.

These are some key ideas to implement

  • I will be more careful with the things I learn and be more spaced with the topics. Sometimes I feel I try to rush it all and it gets me nowhere.
  • University is taking a lot of my time, but now I got a job full time. Things will go messy if I don't organize well.
  • Rest better, and don't be so dependent on phones, rain sounds, or stuff like that.

Workstation and Hardware

Laptop: Asus F510UA

My laptop, I upgrade the ram and the SSD and it runs everything I need (for now).

Phone: Xiaomi RedmiNote 10

My lovely phone, it gets the job done for communication and handles a lot of apps with 128 GB of storage.

Mic: Samson Q2U

It has got really old, has problems connecting and it screams a replacement.

Webcam: Logitech C940

Pretty solid webcam for the price.

Headphones: Sennheiser HD 280 PRO

I connected that directly to my interface and it sounds well enough. I need to change the earbuds every year.

Mouse: Logitech G203

For now it gets the job tone

Keyboard: Logitech MX Keys 3

Pretty solid keyboard I really love it.

Software development

Linux Distro Ubuntu

Right now I do not use ubuntu. Maybe is because windows has become super interesting and great for a lot of things.

Windows 11

Ubuntu and Windows 11 are my primary OS these days, now I love windows 11 coming from windows 10. Although I know they are both the same thing.

Jetbrains IDES

I use primarily JetBrains ides like Webstorm, IntelliJ (the most famous probably), PhpStorm, GoLang, and DataGrip. I love it because their GUI the time to work with Docker, git, and the debugger.

Pycharm is right the one I am using the most.

GitHub Copilot

They have an amazing student plan, I use it for completing my code, and today it works ok, but not excellent as I thought.

Visual Studio Code

I can't live without it when I need some fast IDE to solve problems. This is the one.

Atom Dark theme

My favorite theme hands down.

Cyan Light

This is my favorite light theme.


Code repositories.

Github is the way.



Some of my projects are hosted there


To host my Next js projects. Amazing.


On this site, I will put my blog. They have amazing and easy-to-use cloud tools for developers.


Using Amazon Web services to learn about the cloud and for work too.


As an student, I got 100$ credits each year through the Azure cloud. So when is time to deploy projects, this gets the job done quickly.


Browser: Chrome

I am trying new browsers, but chrome is the best for my needs, it gets cool with extensions, and works well both on ubuntu and windows 11. So no complaints about now.


My workflow could not be completed without todoist. It really amazes me how fast it could be.


I read it on a blog, and I think of giving it a try, it comes in handy when working with code. I can store code snippets and improve my workflow.


I don´t remember a single password, Dashlane handles all, I use it the first time because some 6 months were free, then I couldn´t resist.

Hotspot Shield VPN

This VPN comes with Dashlane and is super cool


How a person can live without music? Spotify is one of my longest subscriptions ever.


It gives some focus sessions that work pretty well too. Rescue time handles well, for now, so I don't use it so much.


It has changed the way I think about my working hours. I love that app so much.

Auto dark mode

There is an app that could change to dark mode automatically according to the hours of the day. It is just fantastic.


Raindrop is right now


Freedom is an app that handles distracting websites across all devices. Very handy in times that I am really into youtube binge-watching.

Leechblock And Appblock

This is my new block app website, it makes everything easier

Design and Composition


This is my main app for managing purposes. I have my life documented in notion.


Canva is amazing for all kinds of things, but I really loved the slides.


Figma is not only good for prototyping but for making awesome things like illustrator, the community is growing and although it was bought by Adobe, I have good feelings about the future of the platform.

Chrome Extensions

DF Tube

That extension alone reduces my time spend on youtube by 45%, the feed and recommended videos are gone when using this extension. It is amazing.

Dark Reader

It synchronizes with the time on my computer and put my browser dark at nighttime.

Google  Translate

If there is a page that I could not understand, this extension helps me a lot.


No need to mention, that passwords are on the web always.


I have switched my bookmarks from notion to raindrop. So it makes sense when I see an article, I use the raindrop app instead.


This extension makes it easier to develop


Pretty cool to know about the technologies a website has

Photo and Video


It has like 1000+ Lightroom filters for photos and videos. I was skeptical because too few free filters, but 11.99$ is not a big deal for everything this app brings. I will take more photos.

Filmora 12

Finally I switch from the PRO version to the basic and I feel so much happier. All the videos that I launch are through Filmora.

Google Photos

No words, I love that app.


Microsoft Teams

I can’t escape guys, this is my main. I use it primarily for university.


Slack is useful to communicate with my teammates from Ayudinga.


I like to have Telegram for the people that uses it and want to chat with me on that platform.


Zoom calls are a classic, this app is a gem for doing that, I think it suits me pretty well.


This one is so pretty, and many people love it for a reason. Making communities there is cool.


This one has a little story, I see it and I thought to myself (this is like an OBS combined with google drive) when I try to do it in that way and doesn´t work as I thought, it makes things easy. It has a free personal education plan for students that works wonderfully.

Microsoft 365 (Outlook, Word, Teams, Excel, Powerpoint)

The email is worth it, teams are important. Almost all my university is on that.


Another Outlook thing


Having all these accounts together makes me crazy. Rambox helps me to stay organized with communication things. I could have all my accounts and access that with ease thanks to Rambox.


IEEE Subscription

Along with ACM, these are my subscriptions to professional institutes. Right now I am in the chapter of the Computer Society


My long-time mate, Udemy has pretty courses at an affordable price.


It is an app that summarizes a lot of books on a lot of topics. I love technology and future topics.


I read and buy my books there.


My favorite app for learning at the moment. It has content on broad topics but I do not recommend to developers because some are outdated.

The soft skills courses are the best part, I could list a lot of soft skills courses in the platform and they are all high quality.


I love Datacamp because it has more practice than Pluralsight.

Project Management


This app blew my mind when I listen to it in 2021, I want to give it a try for my team.

Fiverr Workspace

For freelance projects, that platform has it all.

Mindfulness and Mental Health


This is my favorite app for 2021. It has a lot of meditations and amazing instructors. The LeBron James sessions were the real deal, so happy to use it


It reminds me of taking breaks when I am at the computer, what a lovely app.

5-minute journal

This is a journal that has an incredible UX and UI. It helps a lot to journal every day.

Social Media


My favorite social media app, networking + good (and crazy ideas) + amazing people + get news on everything. I love Twitter.

Let’s talk @fernandocutire


It is necessary in today’s world. You can search me by my name Fernando Cutire


Feedhive is the platform for automating social media. I bought the idea of having social media updating constantly so it makes sense to use an app to help me.