Some things you can sacrifice in your 20’s

Some things you can sacrifice in your 20’s
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Your 20´s seem like a golden time you don´t want to pass.

I don´t blame you, I would like to live without pain in my body forever.

Eat without so many risks at my health.

Have some protective income from my parents.

Build my career, create business, travel , etc.

But if there´s some advice I remind to myself is to decide what not to do it.

So here comes a list of things you can sacrifice.

Golden time or wasted time: You decide

For me is really more important that whoever who chooses to read this article thinks by themselves.

What they value more in life and what are some priorities.

One way to start doing this is reading and researching about other cultures, their behaviors, and what they prefer to prioritize.

For example in Asian cultures, especially China, basic needs as work, health, and education are highly prioritized.

So this is a good time to start thinking what you can live without for.

For example maybe I will never become a pro NBA player and I am ok with that begins to cry

For you, it could be to only work remotely or to have a house before age 30. I don´t know.

What I can live without and what I need

Of course everyone needs air, water to live.

But I am talking about other things, that are fundamentally harder to prioritize. Like, a master degree or just start searching for jobs?

For me, the answer was to start searching for jobs because to get a master’s degree, I want it to be in another country and I will need a scholarship.

If that criterion is not met, I couldn´t do it. If it is met, great, let´s go.

I could live fine with

  • Some REALLY expensive clothes, shoes that do not add more comfort nor value to me.
  • The last apple phone (not an iPhone fan to be honest).
  • Videogames, I love them at the time but are expensive right now.
  • Some expensive things
  • Living in a house in Ciudad del Saber , Panama.
  • Living at the beach
  • Another million of things.

So, what I am doing?

In my twenties, I  optimize for career, relationships, and taking risks.

I will optimize by taking more risks, like moving abroad, travel or staying in my country.

So twenties seems like a rock where to build the rest of my life, also provide security for my loved ones.

Of course, if I were 30, my priorities will be so much different. Like not taking so many risks

But for this age, it´s ok. It will not be called failure, but just try and catch.

Adapting to your situation will be a huge advantage today as well as tomorrow.

But ultimately don´t forget that you have the last word, to make it golden or wasted years.

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