Steps for reproducing bugs

Steps for reproducing bugs
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Oh you got a problem, you have some weird error going on with your code and the program stopped working and the log it´s barely readable for humans.

Yeah i have been there too, and something i can say to you is that a first step is to search on google with the exact error log that your code throws at you, then try it with the solution that stackoverflow or other website tolds you.

A second step (after trying the first step and didn´t get solved it). Is to communicate it to a collegue, this can give you new eyes to your problem, and a fresh mind to solve it.

So this blog is going to focuse on some things you need to do before get to your friend to review your code, and is.

  • Your Operating System
  • Your Dev Environment, this include
  • The version of node js, php, python , etc that you are using
  • A code snippet of your code, where the error log says is the problem (or where you think it´s the problem)
  • The version of some of your packages, for example if you are using npm packages list your package.json. This is super important because in the npm ecosystem packages change really fast, and major changes can affect working code and throw some errors.
  • Browser, if you are a web developer the browser is important too. You can use Chrome and get a different output on Firefox for e.g.

In some cases, if the problem persist , and you are using some open source libraries, or some special software , it will be a good idea to make some workable project that specifies that problem. This is in the case you are working with a private codebase, we will call this a PoC (Proof of Concept).

For example, i am in two OS, but use Ubuntu for development purpouses.

Operating System: Linux Ubuntu 20.04

Node Js: LTS Version: 16.13.1

Browser: Google Chrome

Error Reported December 28, 2021.

In this case i am not displaying some package.json nor code snippet, but i put my OS and dev environment.

# Steps to reproduce the error
This is in order to help to debug bugs in code. 

### Your Environment (Os, Node, Browser, etc)

Operating System: Linux Ubuntu 20.04
Node Js: LTS Version: **16.13.1**
Browser: Google Chrome
Error Reported December 28, 2021.

### Describe the bug

### Expected behaviour

### Screenshots, code snippet , gif or working url (if any)
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