Things could become a little personal here

Writting, communities and videos

That is like 70% of all my distractions, I really love staring at youtube videos for the content and for the mastery they show. My currently favorite YouTubers are Noel Deyzel, Hampton of Hybrid Calisthenics, Charles Berthoud, and Dev as Life.

It was a good conference + some new challenges

A week ago I was part of a conference celebrating the 40 years of my university's faculty. This was an amazing experience. They upload the video to the faculty´s instagram and I uploaded it to youtube.

I got a part-time job: What do I do and what is next

I began working at the Research Center of the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá. As an academic student, I got a part-time job to help me cover some expenses of my today's life, but also gain some experience before graduating.