Inspired by other people I decided to build my work journal. The purpose is to start reviewing my techniques at work and improve my way of doing things.

Work Journal October 2022

It is time to another work journal, this time for october. I have had many projects, and some talks in september, but october presents my first travel to Asia, and it was really exciting.

Work Journal September 2022

September has come, 2022 is going so fast. I am researching on personal brand, going to the basics and building little wealth step by step. Now I know that building a personal brand is key to being a 2022 professional.

Work Journal August 2022

As seen in previous editions, this month comes with new details. Admin tasks takes so much time, and my time is valuable.

Work Journal July 2022

I am getting excellent results in my work and life in general but also spending a lot of tools. On my way to start working in becoming a freelancer and working remotely, there are a lot of things to try and plan the best exit possible.

Work Journal June 2022

Yet another entry for june, I have some things to say. June was the month that I got covid, and spent 7 days in my house doing practically nothing. During this time I rest a lot and was on social media all time.