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La carrera de Ingeniería en Sistemas de Información

En este sitio te comparto mis proyectos de las materias de la carrera, donde podrás observar si realmente te interesa las asignaciones que desarrollarás, también sirve de guía para muchachos que estén en cursos similares y necesiten una ayuda.

I am switching to marketing

The other day i was talking about some rest on my team, asking for a technical position in the data team. But suddenly I was assigned a project in marketing team

Work Journal May 2022

Inspired by other people like Adam Wathan I decided to build my work journal. The purpose is to start reviewing my techniques at work and improve my way of doing things.

Writting, communities and videos

That is like 70% of all my distractions, I really love staring at youtube videos for the content and for the mastery they show. My currently favorite YouTubers are Noel Deyzel, Hampton of Hybrid Calisthenics, Charles Berthoud, and Dev as Life.