Will i get a job when I graduate ?

Will i get a job when I graduate ?
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Graduating it’s the goal.

But do I got what it takes to do it well through the job?

A much harder question to answer, this is what I think.

A degree is not enough

Competition is real. More people are getting a better education, and maybe we are the highest educated people in history.

China has one of the best education systems in the world. And they have a lot of people, who study hard for their tests.

Chinese young workers could be more prepared than ever, and also more prepared than us.

And this is just in China, other countries are also improving their public education system. So we are now getting past these new highly educated people.

When we get a time when the university that appears on your degree is not enough. When the competition increases, it would be hard to get a job.

The machine is learning are people learning too?

Not having more investment in education could be a disaster in the long term.

There’s so much hype that AI will take our jobs, but maybe what will make us irrelevant is our lack of desire for education.

More than ever, technology is evolving at a faster pace.

I don’t know if we could catch it if we don’t invest in ourselves.

A global market, a global you

This is a call to action.

When I was in my first semester, people say “It’s amazing, you are in the best university in the country, you will have a high paying job guaranteed”.

It felt good, don’t gonna lie.

What they don’t say, is that the market is becoming more international. Freelancers, remote workers are doing better than ever.

So thinking that you are the best university in your country, doesn't mean you have a job guaranteed.

If you don’t study, there is someone who will do it.

Remember that

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