Work Journal August 2022

Work Journal August 2022

As seen in previous editions, this month comes with new details. Admin tasks take so much time, and my time is valuable.

As a new season, august comes with the acquisition of new headphones, new software like Fitia that takes care of my meals, and new incorporations like Feedly to don´t scroll through everything on social media.

Also August is the month where TNI comes. Also was in the JIC Azuero 2022.

My roles in marketing varied and time felt short to develop all kinds of things.

This is the month I started to create a creative environment and habits for myself. Being creative every day. Will be my goal.

Being creative is not only for artists

After reading some books on creativity and the artist's habits. I saw that there is not a common pattern. And your art is not meant to be only for money. In fact, this is one of the worst ways to embrace art.

Also that we must avoid nouns and advocate for verbs. For example instead of saying "I am a writer", you say "I love to write". This will make you focus on what is important, to create.

Create weird creative routines

If you want to be creative. Find creative routines.

I am still trying to figure out what to do but ideas will come.

Some things I have on my mind are:

  • Take creative tasks early in the morning.
  • Drink a good amount of water before doing creative work.
  • Work with my air conditioner on and put on a jogger and a hoodie.
  • Put my headphones on, 15 minutes before making some creative work.
  • Start the day with high-volume music and tidying up my physical space.

New tools every month is not worth it

Who tries to make everything, does nothing.

If every month I incorporate new tools or more materialistic things, could interfere with my creativity and my sense of being.

What I mean to say is that just trying tools is ok, but not to do everything at once. The tools are good. Try to do everything is bad.

My new approach is to master what I use and adapt slowly to other things. Focus on the basics. Focus on me.

My problem is not my productivity. But the way I think I must work.

After reading some books on productivity, I have found that I use almost daily their best practices. It is just not everything that is in the book.

My best productivity hack is to not optimize what shouldn't be done at all. So I will cut things on my calendar, on my tasks to find more time for my new ventures.

Do you feel stressed? Concentrate on just one thing. Do you feel under pressure? Focus on winning.

My new mantra. You don't need to add more.

Taking courses slowly and focusing on making projects on the first day

You can read whatever you want.

You can look at a lot of videos.

But if you don't apply even a 1%.

Someone who just saw a 1% of it and apply the 100% of what he saw.

Is ahead.

Think about that.

Fernando Cutire

Fernando Cutire

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