Work Journal December 2022

Work Journal December 2022

Final work journal of the year folks, but not of my life. This kind of writing keeps me in check for making progress month to month (or I think so) it is not that easy to write, I must confess I am really lazy.

Education is expensive because it can take your time

Right now I am looking to develop 1 project per month.

It is cool to get certificates but creating content, building projects, and showcasing them in my portfolio is better. Also, it is worth the challenge to go through them because of the learning and the potential benefits of having one.

Using my time in a better way becomes more important for me than just buying things

Passive income don't exist

There is a lot of information on the passive income side, but don't buy the idea too easily. If you go to the real state there are more things that aren't passive like:

  1. Managing the property
  2. Looking for tenants
  3. Fixing things on the property
  4. Dealing with other people if you want to buy it.

When you make a business and have employees you pass the power to them, and you need to develop managing skills. Then you concentrate more on dealing with customers, than on your art.

You always trade time for money. It is not that simple to have that kind of passive income.

The FIRE movement is just an idea, here in Panama we don´t have the huge salaries that the US loves to show off. There a lot of expensive things, are prices keep going up.

Imagine also that you are lucky and got those huge salaries. Excellent!! But also your expenses will increase.

This was an idea so important that some people kinda called it Lifestyle Creep, which is in simple terms, increasing your expenses as you increase your income. Why? For a variety of reasons, you go from keeping up with the Joneses because you want better things for yourself.

And there is nothing wrong about it, but preaching that is as easy as it seems is kinda fake to me.

I am not saying that you shouldn´t invest, but be wary of the great opportunities that life gives, and don´t fall into traps so easily.

Building skills IS more important than ideas

I am not an idea-maker.

I do not have many great ideas or business opportunities to start.

Ok I recognize it, know that you are with me I must confess reading here and there that is not that bad to be like me, to not be able to come up with ideas that will change the world. These days I see not only in articles but in my country that people want to innovate, and that is a good thing.

Advocating for skills seem kinda boring like it is just for learning and not doing. And if you do not make anything with that information it looks like you waste your time.

Don´t be so shy about showcasing your skills. You aren´t the best neither the worst. If you are not qualified to something ask for that feedback. But don´t discourage you too soon.

Tool of the month: Pluralsight

I am especially happy for black Friday because of the app. It is important to be always learning in tech and having skillshare, Datacamp and Pluralsight gives me that. That way I could not feel behind in my career.

Question: What is next for 2023?

For me is all about making more about the things that I had. Creating more and consuming less would be my ideal.

The way is researching and creating solutions for problems in my country.

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