Work Journal June 2022

Work Journal June 2022

Yet another entry for June, I have some things to say.

June was the month that I got covid, and spent 7 days in my house doing practically nothing.

During this time I rest a lot and was on social media all time.

It was an unproductive start to the month but who cares, here I am with another work journal.

Invest in your tools (really)

Investing in tools to keep me focused and with the right mindset is critical.

When I say invest in your tools I am not only referring to investing in money but also in time.

Because it is like a balance sheet you put the money you own in a tool that could still be your asset.

So investing in the knowledge you have is really important, just like that.

For example, in June I changed from the tech team of frontend to marketing.

But in a technical role, being a data analyst for social media.  

Improving my pandas and python skills makes things easier in the long run.

And understanding the data process also makes it easy.

I think that improving my techniques of analysis, and watching videos on other sides of the process would make it even better.

The next level of knowledge is on projects and communities

I am always looking at new courses and stuff like that, to improve my skills and become even better than before.

Now I started to see things differently, investing so much time in online courses was valuable at some point but now, it is more about giving back and participating online.

Not only being a watcher but also a person who does things.

I have been making some conferences and I have more to do in the upcoming months

So I will switch a lot of my time spent on courses to start creating more things, to put out there in the world.

Machine Learning & Data Science Forum Discussions | Kaggle
Kaggle Discussions: Community forum and topics about machine learning, data science, big data analytics.

This month I added new tags to my website

And I will explore more on Twitter and on my team with IEEE Computer Society.

I have added reminders to my google calendar to know when to post, in my Whatsapp team will be 3 times a day.

On Twitter I will be exploring data science topics because it is worth it, and also contributing, I will concentrate more on the Spanish speaker communities.

The times I post on IEEE Computer Society will be the times I post or comment on twitter.

And I will set up a blog article each 2 weeks about data science.

And every month 1 article about technology and the future.

Be focused

If you can't tell me what you practice yesterday, what you practice today, and what will you practice tomorrow, you are not focused.

That is something I truly start to believe.

Datacamp is a new acquisition to improve my data skills, and I have this routine.

DataCamp Daily Practice

Daily Practice Each Day

1 Assessment per week

1 Project each month

And I want to excel in python and SQL.

Faster knowledge is faster decisions.

Blinkist web app

It pays to pay for faster knowledge.

Recently this month I acquire Blinkist for a faster learning experience and I haven't look back.

The app offers summaries of popular books across many topics such as Management, Technology, Politics, Fitness, etc.

They have a lot of books and I read almost 4-5 per day, I must say it is addictive.

But it also gave me the power to concentrate on books and have insights as fast as possible.

It is important to chill

Let Peace Fill Your Body
Photo by Sage Friedman / Unsplash

Yes I know I really young but hey, chilling is in my plans.

Some people said about walking, meditating, etc.

For me that I am a high-energy person it is about gym, swimming, maybe try dancing.

If you go on and work all day, burnout will be a real problem.

Fernando Cutire

Fernando Cutire

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