Work Journal May 2022

Work Journal May 2022
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Inspired by other people like Adam Wathan I decided to build my work journal.

The purpose is to start reviewing my techniques at work and improve my way of doing things.

You can only do so much

This month I have found that time is minimal, and there is so much you can do in a day.

Scaling as just one person is scary and putting systems right there is trickier than I thought.

Doesn´t matter if you are good enough, but there is just so much you can do.

Learning new tools, improving methods, and being productive about it. It is just hard, I must say impossible.

Do not eat more than you can.

Laravel is awesome

In the last month I have been working with Laravel and I must say is really good.

It handles a lot of things and if you ask me I want to learn all that I can about it.

I bought a laracast subscription, and started doing courses on the platform.

Thanks to all the people that make their best to bring documentation and tools to the framework.

It is also very active and I think that I found the framework I want to use to begin web applications.

The thing is that I mainly want to use another programming language to doing things on the web.

So I would love to switch from laravel to other thing in the future, but the true is that there aren´t other frameworks like Laravel.

You must specialize

It is true that when you began working, you start doing a lot of things, which could lead to troubles once you want to specialize.

I want to specialize in data jobs, being a data scientist or machine learning engineer.

I do not want to become someone who set up servers, move computers or etc.

I don´t pretend to be a programmer, neither make things for the NASA, nor making some systems on the way.

But I pretend to be a very specific person on the data market.

That is my main focus.

Money doesn´t last

I have been receiving my firsts paychecks and I must say I am getting kinda addicted.

On the other side the pay is low, and doesn´t last enough.

But money it is just like that, you use it and you lose it. One must invest and make money last, but is getting harder to invest.

Start investing

Investing is one of the buzzwords that people love to talk about it.

The truth is that, at least for me, investing is not as straightforward as I could think.

In my opinion, this is more than just money, it is also time and effort, which are hard to measure.

For example maybe stocks will not the best choice at the time, maybe it would be better to educate me more on topics that could lead me to a career with more payments.

Also if I make some job that could be automated at 29$ and it saves me two weeks of development and frustration and I receive 100$ about it, why wouldn´t I close the deal?

On the other side, maybe it could be better to help my parents with their money before I go all in with a startup.

Maybe building a community could be a great change, meanwhile I get experience in a job.

As you may seem all these kind of investment require not only money, but time for research and effort to do it.

That doesn´t say that I won't invest on crypto, stocks or whatever it goes. It only means that I must select with caution what I do.

Because it is not only money that you can lose.

Life in general could be really boring and complicated

One could say that doing chores could be a task of a Saturday, but isn´t.

Cleaning is a pretty slow task, buying groceries is another, that one by one, they take your time.

I have found that the adult life is pretty like turning off some fire.

Tools are REALLY important

This opinion could have a little of controversy but the truth I have found is that tools are a lot more important that I thought.

I mean that having the right tools for the job at hand it could be one of the best productivity hacks you can do. Choosing your weapon is just as important as choosing your battle.

When I used git in my first year of university I was really confused, like everyone.

But now I kinda get used to it, and use the integrated git extension on jetbrains IDES, which can make pull requests, checkouts, pull , all in a simple interface.

Also I started to use some design tools and video tools for other kind of projects.

And I must say that having the right tool is an excellent complement to your talent.

In must cases it could lead to better understanding of the problem, for example when I used DeepNote I found that I am really much productive that with simple jupyter notebooks.

Part of the reason could be because the integrated visualizations, but what it matters for me is that is on the cloud.

Final (for this month)

I have been feeling tired, and without so much sleep hours.

Coffee is knocking my door, but it also doesn´t attracts me at all.

I want to make projects, make communities, create a personal brand on social media, make my startup, work as a freelancer, make my styles for video and posts, create a design system , etc.


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