Work Journal November 2022

Work Journal November 2022
Work Journal November

The year is ending and must be launching new series this year. Creating content is hard but I got more resources, just do not give up and keep trying.

My website has received good feedback and that inspired me to continue developing my work as a creator.

Developing projects is worth it

Right now I am looking to develop 1 project per month.

It is cool to get certificates but creating content, building projects and showcasing them in my portfolio is better. Also, it is worth the challenge to go through them because the learning and the potential benefits of having one.

You always trade time for money

Building skills IS more important than ideas

It is time to end my first job?

My contract says

Tool of the month: Todoist

Todoist is my new tool for handling tasks. Is great as a simple to-do list and has become my one of my most used apps in this month.

Todoist screenshot

Question: What kind of products do you want to create?

This section is the question of the month, where I

I kinda love the screencasts, the books, the blog articles, and short videos.

Does it mean buying a video editor, an e-book editor/creator, create an email list?

Maybe yes. But it would be better to take it slowly at first, I do not have all the money and neither all the time to do that.

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Fernando Cutire

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