Work Journal September 2022

Work Journal September 2022

September has come, 2022 is going so fast. I am researching on personal brand, going to the basics and building little wealth step by step. Now I know that building a personal brand is key to being a 2022 professional.

Deciding that social media is really important, but not of my interest right now sounds like a hard decision, but is worth it. I will concentrate in building my personal brand the old way.

This month is presenting me with a hell lot of projects, like the innovaton, DGTC model and the hackathon copa.

I will try to do my best on all of this.

Building a personal brand is not only social media

Personal means you.

And brand is what the others percieve about you.

So a personal brand is what you want others to percieve about you.

I am not a fan of social media, but I love conferences, make articles, write in some things, work with other people.

Slowly I will be in social media, but for now I feel good.

New Software

I started to use the garmin connect with my new watch and it works pretty well,for many cases.

Also downloaded the todly app. An app for organizing the cleaning schedule of my home.

Finally I have two some systems to organize better my life.

University Organization

Organizing at my best in the university, I have it all better figure it out.

Clickup for my Second Semester at University

Morning walks are worth it

I am incorporating some morning walks in my routine.

It won´t be every day but it would be when the weather is good and I could find some time, which I can.

Is not a crisis but I need to slow down

I am feeling the need to slow down the life a little, things are going great but at what cost?

Some immediate actions I am taking are to start meditating everyday, taking some walks, and using the yoga routines of my garmin watch.

Question: What kind of products do you want to create?

Is the question of the month.

I kinda love the screencasts, the books, the blog articles, and short videos.

Does it mean buying a video editor, an e-book editor/creator, create an email list?

Maybe yes. But it would be better to take it slowly at first, I do not have all the money and neither all the time to do that.

Fernando Cutire

Fernando Cutire

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